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The Technical Report provides full detail on project background, current climate trends and variability, climate drivers, climate modelling and the climate projections for Vietnam and the seven climatic regions
The report expands on information in the Summary, providing more comprehensive discussions of the scientific approach, results and analysis. This report is targeted towards scientific audiences. Policy-makers, NGOs, donors and other non-scientist users, are advised to review this document in consultation with scientific advisors or Vietnam’s Institute of Hydrology Meteorology and Environment

Regional reports

The Regional Reports provides a summary of the climate and sea-level rise projections specific to each of the seven climatic regions covered by this project, including;

Project Summary

The Project Summary provides an executive-level overview of the climate projection research and findings for a non-scientist audience. This report provides a brief synopsis of key findings, summary of global and regional climate and sea-level rise projections for Vietnam and the seven regions, with additional explanations of climate projections, how to use projections and recommendations.
This series of publications has been developed as part of the High-resolution Climate Projections for Vietnam project. Developed from rigorous scientific research, this work  presents the latest findings on climate change and sea-level rise for Vietnam, including detailed projections for Vietnam and the seven climatic regions. Descriptions of the various publications are provided below.

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