This project has assessed climate projections from six global climate models, three regional climate models for two emissions scenarios, producing an array of climate data for Vietnam. This large data set can be difficult to navigate and understand.

The Vietnam Climate Futures presents a more effective approach to exploring climate projections that reduces the level of complexity for the end user. It allows the user to generate climate change projections tailored to their specific application, whether it is a general overview of climate change for a region, an investigation of likely threats and opportunities, or a detailed risk assessment using impact models.

For each emissions scenario, the projected changes from each available model are classified using two climate variables and are then grouped into what has been termed “climate future”. By grouping them into “climate futures”, and allocating likelihoods, this reduces the complexity and also narrows the range of climate projections needed for specific applications. This facilitates the process of choosing a small number of representative climate models appropriate for a designated application. The tool also ensures that data produced have internal consistency, which is needed for complex and scientifically sound impact assessments involving multiple variables.

For further information about the Vietnam Climate Futures tool please refer to the User Guide.   
Climate data

All climate projection data developed by the HCPV project can also be accessed by this data portal .