Hanoi University of Science

Dr Tan Phan – Project leader
Dr Phan is a Professor in Earth Science, Head of Department of Meteorology. He has more than 25 years of experiences in weather and climate research, focusing mainly on climate change, typhoon prediction, regional climate modelling, and statistical data analysis. In recent years he has been working on projects related to climate change and seasonal prediction. He was a leader of the national project on “Impacts of Global Climate Change on the Extreme Climate Events in Vietnam, Predictability and Adaptation Strategies” (2009-2010). Currently, he is leading a national project on “Development of a seasonal prediction system of extreme climate events for natural disaster prevention in Vietnam” and an international project on “Climate Change-Induced Water Disaster and Participatory Information System for Vulnerability Reduction in North Central Vietnam”. Dr Phan has led the University of Science team in running and analysing results from regional Climate models.
Dr Thanh Ngo – Observation, dynamical downscaling and climate drivers
Dr Ngo is a lecturer at Department of Meteorology, within the University of Science. He obtained his PhD in France and then spent three years at the University of Tokyo for his Post-Doctoral research on hydro-meteorological modelling.  Dr Ngo is currently leading a national project to identify suitable climate projections tools for investigating regional climate change and the impacts of such changes on extreme climate events in Vietnam. Within this AusAID project, Dr Ngo has led the investigation of two climate projection tools ; Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and the Regional Climate Model (RegCM), as a means for cross-comparison with CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM) results. This will improve the confidence of the climate projections developed.
Mr Trung Nguyen – Dynamical downscaling and analysis of climate projections
Mr Nguyen is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Science. His research focuses on performance-testing regional climate models in the development of regional climate scenarios. Within this project, Mr Nguyen is working under the supervision of Dr Hoffmann to develop techniques to assess the impacts of climate change on climate extremes such as heatwaves and droughts. In October to December 2012 Mr Nguyen attended training at CSIRO in Australia, working with CSIRO scientists to develop an appropriate Heatwave Duration Index for Vietnam.
Mr Long Trinh – Dynamical downscaling and analysis of climate projections
Mr Trinh is currently embarking on his Masters in Meteorology at the University of Science. His research interest is in simulating Tropical Cyclones (TCs) with regional climate models. As part of this project Mr Trinh was selected to train for two months with CSIRO’s Dr Nguyen. During this time Dr Nguyen and Mr Trinh worked closely together to identify a suitable method for TC detection using CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM). This work has yielded information about the likely changes in TC activity under changing climate conditions.