This project is the result of a strong collaboration between scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Vietnam’s Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) and the University of Science – Vietnam National University. Below are profiles for all project team members who have contributed to the development of this project.


Dr Jack Katzfey – Project leader
 Dr Katzfey specialises in the use of climate modelling tools, in the development of high-resolution regional climate projections. He has managed the application of these tools in various uses including weather forecast for the Australian Olympic sailing team in 2012 in Weymouth, UK and for the Alinghi America’s Cup Team from 2002-2010. For this project, Dr Katzfey has led the team in the development of updated climate projections for Vietnam and provided training on the use and application of CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric (CCAM) Model. For further information on Dr Katzfey’s experiences, please refer to:
Dr Kim Chi Nguyen – Analysis of climate projections
Dr Nguyen specialises in the analysis of results from high-resolution climate models, particularly, changes in tropical cyclones and monsoons in South-East Asian region. Recently she has supervised a group of early career scientist from Vietnam in exploring tropical cyclone detection techniques for Vietnam. For this project, Dr Nguyen has worked with our Vietnamese collaborators, analysing results from the climate models to develop regional climate scenarios for Vietnam.
Dr Peter Hoffmann – Dynamic downscaling and analysis of climate projections
Dr Hoffmann, who studied at the University of Hamburg (Germany), brings his experiences in working with high-resolution climate models to our team. Specialising in running regional climate models, he has assisted in the running and analysing of results from CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model. During his time on the project Dr Hoffmann has assist in the supervision of early-career scientists in running CCAM and investigating the impacts of climate change on heatwaves and droughts in Vietnam. Aside from researching climate science, Dr Hoffmann is also passionate about experiencing climate extremes in person, through his “storm-chasing” adventures.
Dr John McGregor – Dynamic downscaling
Dr McGregor is an expert at CSIRO who specialises in the development of climate projection models. He has been working in this area for over two decades, developing both regional and global climate models during his career. He developed DARLAM, a regional-specific atmospheric model which provided climate projections for Australia by downscaling simulations from Global Climate Models. This was followed, over 10 years ago, by his development of the Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM), a Global Model which can provide higher resolution over any selected region. Dr McGregor has also worked extensively on model parameterization improvements, in order to properly simulate rainfall details within CCAM. Dr McGregor has worked on this project in setting up the simulations and assisted in their analysis.
Dr Suppiah Ramasamy – Analysis of current and future climate drivers
Dr Ramasamy has over two decades of experiences in the field of investigating the impacts of climate change on key climate features such as monsoons, tropical cyclones and heatwaves. He has worked on a number of significant projects, reviewing impacts in Australia and Southeast Asia. In addition to this work, Dr Ramasamy is also is also experienced in assessing the performance of Global Climate Models (GCMs), particularly in providing recommendations for GCM selections in high-resolution projects. For this project, Dr Ramasamy has contributed his knowledge on climate feature analysis and GCM selection.
Dr John Church - Regional sea-level projections
Dr Church is a renowned expert in the field of Ocean-Climate science, a key contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) work on oceanography and climate change. As part of this project Dr Church has managed the development of Sea Level Rise (SLR) projections for Vietnam. For further information on his background and achievements see:
Dr Didier Monselesan - Regional sea-level projections
Dr Monselesan comes from a background in atmospheric science and is experience in oceanography, particularly with SLR research. He has worked closely with Dr Church to deliver the SLR projections for this project.
Dr Alexander Smajgl – Assessing response options
 Dr Smajgl is an expert in Environmental Economics and experienced in working throughout the Mekong Delta region.  His work incorporates participatory processes and “whole-of-system” approaches in the development of decision-support tools. He has worked with various Governments within the Mekong Delta to better understand the relationship between “water-food-energy” decisions. As part of this project Dr Smajgl has worked with the Vietnamese institutions to explore key concepts behind effective integrated assessment methods, assessment needs and data preparation requirements. This work has started the process to ensure that climate projection data developed is integrated into a framework for decision-making in Vietnam.
Mr Tim Erwin – Communication of climate projections
Mr Erwin applies his web development expertises in formulating a web-based interactive tool for the dissemination of climate projection data for this project. The Climate Futures tool provides a useful snapshot of the key outputs from this project and guides users through the extraction of this data in a manner which is most useful to their needs. 
Ms Hoang Anh Cat – Communication of climate projections
Ms Cat is experienced in regional development, she has engaged with many rural communities in assisting their understanding of and planning for, climate change. She brings a diversity of experiences from her consulting and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) background to her communication role on this project. As a Vietnamese Australian and Environmental Engineer Ms Cat has a keen interest in the impacts of climate changes on communities, particularly in Vietnam. For further information on Ms Cat please refer to

University of Science – Vietnam National University

Dr Tan Phan – Project leader
Dr Phan is a Professor in Earth Science, Head of Department of Meteorology. He has more than 25 years of experiences in weather and climate research, focusing mainly on climate change, typhoon prediction, regional climate modelling, and statistical data analysis. In recent years he has been working on projects related to climate change and seasonal prediction. He was a leader of the national project on “Impacts of Global Climate Change on the Extreme Climate Events in Vietnam, Predictability and Adaptation Strategies” (2009-2010). Currently, he is leading a national project on “Development of a seasonal prediction system of extreme climate events for natural disaster prevention in Vietnam” and an international project on “Climate Change-Induced Water Disaster and Participatory Information System for Vulnerability Reduction in North Central Vietnam”. Dr Phan has led the University of Science team in running and analysing results from regional Climate models.
Dr Thanh Ngo – Observation, dynamical downscaling and climate drivers
Dr Ngo is a lecturer at Department of Meteorology, within the University of Science. He obtained his PhD in France and then spent three years at the University of Tokyo for his Post-Doctoral research on hydro-meteorological modelling.  Dr Ngo is currently leading a national project to identify suitable climate projections tools for investigating regional climate change and the impacts of such changes on extreme climate events in Vietnam. Within this AusAID project, Dr Ngo has led the investigation of two climate projection tools ; Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and the Regional Climate Model (RegCM), as a means for cross-comparison with CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM) results. This will improve the confidence of the climate projections developed.
Mr Trung Nguyen – Dynamical downscaling and analysis of climate projections
Mr Nguyen is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Science. His research focuses on performance-testing regional climate models in the development of regional climate scenarios. Within this project, Mr Nguyen is working under the supervision of Dr Hoffmann to develop techniques to assess the impacts of climate change on climate extremes such as heatwaves and droughts. In October to December 2012 Mr Nguyen attended training at CSIRO in Australia, working with CSIRO scientists to develop an appropriate Heatwave Duration Index for Vietnam.
Mr Long Trinh – Dynamical downscaling and analysis of climate projections
Mr Trinh is currently embarking on his Masters in Meteorology at the University of Science. His research interest is in simulating Tropical Cyclones (TCs) with regional climate models. As part of this project Mr Trinh was selected to train for two months with CSIRO’s Dr Nguyen. During this time Dr Nguyen and Mr Trinh worked closely together to identify a suitable method for TC detection using CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM). This work has yielded information about the likely changes in TC activity under changing climate conditions.


Dr Thang Van Nguyen – Project Leader
Dr Nguyen is a Deputy Director of Vietnam’s Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN). As an expert in climate science, he leads a number of studies at IMHEN, ranging from development of climate change scenarios to climate change adaptation in related fields such as water resources, agriculture and forestry, coastal management and biodiversity. He is actively involved in the World Meteorology Organisation’s climate and meteorology activities. Recently he participated in the preparation of the national report on Vietnam Climate Extremes. Dr. Nguyen has contributed his diverse expertise from his climate science and management experiences into leading the Vietnamese team for this project.
Dr Hien Thuan Nguyen – Observation, analysis of climate projections and assessing response options
Dr Nguyen is the chief of the Department of Science, Training and International Cooperation at Vietnam’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environment (IMHEN). She has led the national project on the establishment of National Science and Technology Program on Climate Change. Dr Nguyen also has years of experience working on summer monsoon, rainfall and climate variability research in Vietnam. Recently she has been involved in many climate change projects with focus on climate change adaptation in Vietnam. Experienced in managing large, international collaborations in the field of climate science, Dr Nguyen has contributed her knowledge in managing the delivery of outputs from the IMHEN team. She has also assisted with monsoon analysis and investigating integrated assessment tools to ensure the climate projection data developed, supports adaptation decisions in the future.
Dr Lan Huong Huynh - Assessing response options
As a Director of Vietnam’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environment’s (IMHEN) Climate Change Research Centre, Dr. Huynh is an expert in climate change; with research focus on impact assessment, adaptation and mitigation. Much of her recent work is concerned with integrating climate change considerations into Vietnamese plans and policies. She is a project leader of a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funded project on Green House Gas inventory in Vietnam. She is also a principal investigator in the national project on the assessment of climate change on water stress in Vietnam. She has participated in component 5 of this project to investigate integrated assessment methods for Vietnam.
Dr Hiep Nguyen – Observation, analysis of climate projections and communications
Dr. Hiep Van Nguyen is a researcher at the Centre for Meteorology and Climatology, within Vietnam’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environment (IMHEN). His research interests include investigating: regional climate, high-winds, heavy-rainfall events, typhoon (track and intensity), tropical cyclone and terrain effects on weather and climate over complex terrain areas. On this project, Dr. Nguyen was the communication officer with additional research responsibilities in verification of regional climate models, reviewing and investigating effects of climate change on TC numbers and intensity as well as future projection of TCs over East Vietnam Sea.    
Dr Khiem Mai – Observation and analysis of climate projections
Dr. Mai Van Khiem has a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tokyo (Japan). He is presently a researcher at Vietnam’s Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Environment. His research focuses on climate change and variability, natural hazards, tropical cyclones and climate projection. For this project, Dr. Khiem has worked on validation of model and analysing current and future climate trends. 
Mr Thang Vu – Observation and analysis of climate projections
As a research assistant at Vietnam’s Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment, Mr Vu specialises in running regional climate models and analysing the impacts of climate change on key climate features such as monsoons and cold fronts. Currently embarking on his PhD in Meteorology and Climatology, Mr Vu trained with the CSIRO team in 2012.Under Dr Nguyen’s supervision the training looked to further his skills in the use and analysis of results from CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM). For this project Mr Vu has assisted in the review of drivers behind extreme rainfall events with Dr. Nguyen (CSIRO).
Mr Kien Truong – Dynamical downscaling and analysis of climate projections
Mr Truong is also a research assistant at Vietnam’s Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment, with knowledge in the area of Meteorology and Climatology. Mr Truong is experienced in running various regional climate models (such as RegCM, PRECIS, MM5 and WRF). He joined the CSIRO team for two months last year to further his knowledge in regional climate models by training in the running and application of CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM). As part of this project Mr Truong has assisted with the running and analysis of regional climate models.